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Established in 2018, Walee Bistro is your destination for traditional Northern and Southern Chinese food in Coquitlam. Choose from a delicious selection of our freshly-made steamed baos and wontons, as well as our noodle switch are made in-house.

Our Noodles, Wontons & Steamed Buns Are Hand-Made Fresh In Store

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Cold $5 Or Hot $7

1. Rice noodle with veggies and egg in garlic chili oil (cold) 红油凉拌米线(可不辣)

2. Minced pork with veggies, egg rice noodle soup(hot) 肉臊子时蔬煎蛋汤米线

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Always Made Fresh To Order

At Walee Bistro, our dishes are always fresh and made-to-order. We proudly offer the best of what Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine has to offer, from Chinese noodle bowls to wontons to freshly-made Steamed Bao. Come to our easily-accessible Coquitlam location on North Road and see for yourself.

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Thursday - Tuesday:  9am - 9pm

Closed Wednesdays

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